Dream Circle feather

Meets the second Tuesday of the month at 7:30 P.M. Come and explore dreams in a safe and supportive environment. We use a process taught by Diana McKendree of the Haden Institute which honors the sacred aspect of dream messages. There is no fee for this event, but you must be registered to attend. Please call or email for further information.


"13 Stones": A Monthly Wellness Event feather

Sometimes when we decide to "get healthier", we may feel overwhelmed. We don't know where to start or how to best go about doing this. Imagine how making 13 small changes, one at a time could add up in terms of health and wellness!

This series follows the 13 cycles of the moon. Once during each of these 28 day cycles, we will gather to focus as a community on a different aspect of wellness. You will learn about a health issue, share ideas in a supportive group and leave with one goal for positive change for your own personal wellness. We will be talking about healthy oils, how to break the sugar habit, eating more raw foods, boosting the immune system, dealing with colds and flu, choosing supplements, detoxing heavy metals and radiation, home remedies, the importance of greens, money and time saving healthy menus, clean water, non toxic body care, making your own herbal tinctures and teas, stress relief and more!

Reiki Classes feather

We offer individual and small group classes and attunements in the Usui tradition for Reiki Level One, Reiki Level Two and Reiki Master Level. Many people become attuned to Reiki for self healing, helping family members and animal companions, or for blending with other healing modalities they are already using, such as Massage Therapy.


Reiki Level One $150

Reiki Level Two $150

Reiki Master Class $300


Call for appointment.