Traditional Naturopathy

The term “naturopathy” , which can be defined as “being close to or benefiting from nature” originated in Germany in the late 19th century, but its roots reach as far back as Hippocrates, and further. In fact, there have probably always been people who taught others how to use herbs, food, water, massage or spiritual means for healing. Traditional Naturopathy encompasses this broad spectrum of time tested health practices as well as non invasive, innovative technologies.

Today, most of us are challenged with improper diets, inadequate rest, excessive stress and environmental toxins. All these weaken the body and cause imbalance. We experience “symptoms” as the body attempts to bring itself back into balance. If we merely suppress these symptoms, they will return as chronic conditions and the structure of the body will suffer. The Traditional Naturopath seeks to empower clients to confidently make choices and decisions about their own health by educating them in ways to naturally restore the balance of body, mind and spirit. Once the body and mind are given what they need, this balance is restored, and the body can do what it was designed to do; that is, to heal.

As an example, we might experience skin rashes related to “allergies”. If we simply treat this topically to stop the itching, we have ignored the underlying cause, which often is a food sensitivity compounded by a “leaky gut.” If we continue to eat the offending food or fail to heal the “leaky gut”, we will eventually develop problems related to inflammation in many parts of the body, such as the stomach, lungs, or joints. If we identify and remove the offending food and heal the gut, not only does the rash go away, but we feel better all over and we have set the stage for continued optimal health and wellness!

Traditional Naturopathy may encompass any number of natural means to achieve wellness. These are some you may experience at Cottonwood Healing Center:

Naturopathic Modalities


Essential oils concentrate the healing qualities of plants. These may be inhaled or applied skillfully to address physical and emotional health and well being.


Plants have been used for centuries to restore health. They can be taken orally as teas, tinctures, powders or in capsules. They may also be used in healing skin salves.


Extremely diluted and gentle substances that, if given in large doses, would create the symptoms which are being addressed. Oscillococcinum is a well known homeopathic for viral symptoms.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage:

Very popular in Europe, Manual Lymphatic Drainage uses gentle, often circular movements in the direction of lymphatic flow, releasing stagnant lymphatic fluid. Helpful with ear/nose/throat congestion, fibrocystic breasts, digestive and elimination problems, stress, and detoxification.

Nutritional Consultation:

Hippocrates said, “Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food.” A sound nutritional plan is the foundation for health. We will educate you about food choices, coach you in making changes, and support you with resources.


Light is a nutrient for your body, like food for your biology. The DreamSpa photon energy system with “Brain Wave Entrancement” offers profound stress relief, energy renewal, relief from “winter blues”, sleep enhancement, brain “rebooting”, cosmetic rejuvenation, relief of aches and pains, reduction and lightening of age spots and promotion of a healthy scalp.

Raindrop Therapy:

Soothing application of essential oils, massage and moist heat to the spine area. Very helpful with lingering coughs and colds that keep you feeling “run down” or in the acute stages of a “chest cold.”


The foot is massaged and pressure is applied to points on the foot that relate to specific organs and parts of the body. As the energy blocks are released, profound relaxation is achieved and vital energies are released for the healing process.


Gentle laying on of hands offers deep relaxation and stress relief, helping you to tap into your own healing wisdom.

Supplement Consultation:

High quality, well chosen supplements can be helpful in achieving our health goals. We help you choose supplements which are appropriate and beneficial for you. We offer access to some of the purest and most effective supplements, backed by thorough clinical research and unparalleled quality control.

Principles of Traditional Naturopathy:

The Healing Power of Nature: Vis Medicatrix Naturae

The body has innate healing mechanisms. Naturopaths facilitate the process of healing by teaching clients how to stimulate the body’s own natural healing forces.

First Do No Harm: Primum Non Nocere

Naturopaths use no drugs, surgery or invasive methods.

Find the Cause: Tolle Causam

The goal of Naturopathy is to find the cause of “dis-ease” and address this.

Doctor as Teacher: Docere

The Naturopath is a teacher who educates, empowers and motivates the client to take responsiblity for their own health.

Treat the Whole Person

Naturopathy seeks to understand the complex interactions of body, mind, emotion and spirit, as well as social and cultural influences on health.

Preventive Medicine

Our highest goal is to prevent illness by encouraging healthy lifestyles.