I have had the privilege and pleasure of working with Annette during the many past life regression sessions (QHHT) that I have had with her. I initially started working with Annette when I was searching for answers for one of my children who was going through a challenging time, and continued to work with Annette through some of my own challenges. It is because of Annette and the past life regressions that I did with her, that I was able to make some difficult life changes. The past life regressions I did with Annette helped me forge a path in my life that has allowed me to be true to myself. I truly couldn’t have done it without her loving guidance. Annette is kind, compassionate, thoughtful, thorough, and gifted. I felt completely comfortable with Annette and found that she was my advocate when the messages I was receiving weren’t clear. Annette was a light in the dark for me at a time in my life when I needed it most. I would highly recommend Annette to anyne interested in exploring past life regressions (QHHT)!”     ~ Amy S.

I have never had a past life regression before, but have dabbled a little with self hypnosis. I didn’t know what to expect with a QHHT session. This was my first experience and I must say I was very surprised to learn so much about my past lives and to be embraced and feel unconditional love from ascended masters. It was very interesting to me that I was able to do that. When we were done, I felt so relaxed and disconnected from judgement. I would do it again and recommend it to all with any type of persistent discord, for I am well on my way to complete freedom from all negative energies.”   ~ Kyle H.

I had considered QHHT for many years before having the experience in the fall of 2016. It was so interesting. I felt safe and I knew that I was in good hands with Annette. We talked for awhile before starting, which was very calming. Then she had me lie down and I was covered and comfortable. Annette had explained that she wanted to get me to a place similar to when a person is just drifting off to sleep. It was relaxing and quite informative and I am so glad that I did it. Totally great experience and Annette is the best.”     ~ Toni Happ Dautel, Glenview, IL

Working with Dr. Annette is such a gift! Her knowledge and compassion are combined for a very healing and empowering session. The moment I walk into her beautiful office, I begin to relax. I appreciate that she is dedicated to finding the perfect solution for each person and is always available for any questions. I highly recommend her services!”     ~ Nancy C., Des Plaines, IL

Annette’s expertise, experience and incredible intuition have helped me in making choices that support a healthier and happier lifestyle. She was able to help me to be more conscious of what I take into my body and assisted me in taking preventative measures in caring better for myself. She showed me how to get rid of high levels of sodium, sugar, heavy metals and harmful parasites in my body which would create major health issues in time. Her method incorporates a spiritual and wholistic approach which enhances the wisdom and knowledge of natural healing and preventative medicine passed down through generations, while addressing current health and nutrition issues unique to our society and environment. Thanks to Annette and her vocation to healing and promoting natural health, I feel more alive, energetic and in touch with my body, mind and spirit.”     ~ Mark F. , Hermosa, SD

Annette treats the whole person with compassion, dedication and a depth of knowledge that allows her to tailor treatments to address each person’s specific needs. I trust Annette to guide me in health and well being.”   ~ Kathleen R., Deerfield, IL

Annette is alert, attentive, and especially talented in teaching, in healing skills, and in discerning spiritual issues with her clients. Annette currently assists me on my life’s path- with just the right mix of prayer, advice, and leaving me to my own devices.”     ~ Phillip R. , Niles, IL

When I walk into Annette’s office I enter a sacred space. Her holistic approach and her intuitive listening, combined with her knowledge and wisdom, give me a feeling of peace and well being before she even begins treatment. Annette’s ability to recognize and treat each person as a unique and complex being is a gift she willingly brings to each of her clients. Annette is more than a practitioner. She is a gifted and compassionate healer.”     ~ Julie F., Mt. Prospect, IL